Monday, June 20, 2011

Finishing the epoxy

I thought that I would be varnishing this weekend, but I was being overly optimistic. I wasted a lot of time sanding the epoxy. I would sand down until I was just touching the top of the glass cloth. Then I rolled on a thin coat of epoxy. Then I would sand again.

My coats of epoxy were way to thin. Every time I started to sand, I would sand back down to the cloth without ever trying to. I would barely sand at all and I was back into the cloth. You do not want to sand into the cloth because that will damage the integrity of the glass. Plus I was wasting time coating, waiting to cure, and sanding over and over again, and still not having a finish that I could varnish.

Time to change the process. I rolled three coats of epoxy in a row, without sanding in between.
As soon as one coat started to firm up, I laid down another coat. About 6 or 8 hours between coats. That way they they will chemically bond to each other.

That worked out great. After 48 hours of curing time, I was able to sand out all the orange peel without sanding to deep. Never touching the glass. I was able to sand the entire kayak in about three hours.

After I took these photos, I loaded up the Wood Duck and went to Lake Fenton. The fishing was great. Hooking a nice bass in a kayak makes for an exciting after noon.


  1. Yep...I know exactly what your going through. I had the same issues but it took me weeks to figure it out. I just finished with the 3rd coat of varnish. Your kayak is looking great. No work on my boat this to Howell the balloon event.

  2. Lou, found your blog while researching wooden boat/kayak building. Was excited to see you live close by ( I live in Holly). WOul dlike to connect with you and ask your advice about building boats as a career.