Monday, March 28, 2011

Back to work

Well it has been a month sense my last post. I got side tracked by other things in life that needed my attention. We sold our airplane and that took me away from the kayaks for about three weeks. Then we bought a new car to replace my truck. But now I am back to work on the Guillemot.

I have the deck glassed inside and out. And the outside of the hull is glassed. Today I started framing the cockpit combing. I know that it looks tall, but it will be trimmed lower when it's finished.

Next I will sand the combing smooth and glass it. Then I will build up the rim of the combing with lamination's of dark and light hard wood.

The ice is breaking up on the lakes. A brave soul could kayak today if he wanted to. I think that I could finish the Guillemot in about six weeks if nothing else distracts me. Just in time for the kayak season to get started.