Monday, August 30, 2010

Forms for the Guillemot

Using the lofting offset charts in Nick Schades book, I was able to draw the forms that I need for the Guillemot.
I was able to cut them all from a half sheet of 5/8 particle board.
It would have cost $375 to buy the forms pre cut. I have about $9 invested in the particle board.
I know they say that time is money. And it took a lot of time to lay out all the forms and cut them out. But I have lots of time and very little money. Besides, It makes me feel like I have accomplished something good.

Building a Guillemot kayak

I have started another kayak.

It's a 17 foot sea kayak called a Guillemot.

It was designed by Nick Schade.
He is a very famous kayak designer and builder.

This is one of his books, The strip built sea kayak. Inside is all the engineering data to make this kayak without any blueprints.

I have very little money to spend on any kayak, so this is a good way to start. By drawing all the forms my self I save $110 by not having to buy a set of blueprints.

I have found local sources to buy cedar dirt cheep so my biggest expense is epoxy and glass cloth. I will need to save about $350 to buy that.

When it is finished I will put it up for sale. I think that it might bring about $3,000 if I do a good job. It would bring much more if I can get some name recognition. If it does not sell, then Donna will have the nicest looking kayak in Linden.