Sunday, May 15, 2011

Seaming the deck to the hull

The deck is ready to be attached to the hull. But first I needed to see if my big white royal Arabian butt will fit into this kayak. The cockpit is 17 inches wide and so am I. My friend Ted knows how hard it is to get into a sea kayak without help from someone. And my butt is a lot bigger then his.

Here is that Arabian butt from another angle. It does not fit this way either. You can see my brush extension in the hatch. Here I am putting a fiberglass tape over the deck seam.

Tomorrow I will flip the kayak over and seam the other side.

I have not had time for the kayak. This spring has not been kind to us. Donna and I have had both of our family's plagued with death and serious illness. So the kayak is way behind as to where I wanted it to be. Memorial day is two weeks away. I want to be finished by then but I know that if I rush the finish job, it will not look very good.